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Refund/Return Policy: Since the services rendered by WORX are time sensitive and subject to an offline approval process, no refunds or returns are accepted through our online channels. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific issue.

Privacy Statement: WORX collects only the data necessary to process a specific payment for a specific invoice, as entered on this payment page. WORX does not store this information for longer than necessary to transmit to the third party credit card processing provider. Each transaction is treated as a standalone transaction and no data is kept on a WORX server beyond that transaction. Data regarding the payment amount, payer, and invoice number is only shared on an as-needed basis with appropriate individuals within WORX as part of normal business activity.

Submitting a payment through this form signifies your agreement to WORX's policies and procedures and allows WORX to charge your credit card for the amount you have specified and, upon successful collection of funds, appropriate those funds for use towards the invoice number you have specified.

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