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With fundraising and volunteer involvement being a constant priority for a non-profit, the United Way of Greater Waterbury needed strategies that would yield both short- and long-term success – and would drive the organization’s ability to deliver vital community services.


  • Explaining the often misunderstood role of United Way, which is typically to convene resources that address the educational, financial stability, and basic needs of the local community.
  • Engaging a myriad of audiences – including prospective donors, partner organizations, and younger demographics.
  • Developing a unique fundraising campaign message each year that stimulates universal interest.
  • Addressing the philanthropic trend of less people giving to non-profit organizations.


Donor Campaign Branding

Since 2010, WORX has developed an annual fundraising campaign brand theme and content platform that integrates video, print, social media, and advertising.

Fundraising Videos

A key piece of brand awareness and fundraising outreach, WORX-produced campaign videos have been used as event content, digital advertising, and Public Service Announcements.

Grassroots Marketing

Using grassroots marketing tactics ranging from yellow chairs to custom songs, the campaigns have connected with audiences and distinguished United Way from other organizations.

Real Community Members

In order to bring the community together, and to increase the viral conversation, WORX has leveraged local people in the majority of United Way campaign communications.

Website Development

WORX custom built the United Way website with the user in mind – streamlining content and reducing the amount of clicks to find important information. The site experience is fully responsive to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices – and contains elements such as a click-to-call button for the 2-1-1 hotline, Impact Calculator, video libraries, and downloadable content.

Marketing Technology

WORX has created marketing technology platforms that make distributing and analyzing information easier for the United Way staff.

Digital Marketing Tools

A variety of unique digital experiences have been developed by WORX to engage donors and supporters – including a social media photo filter tool.

Video Production

In addition to the annual campaign pieces, WORX has created dozens of videos that are used for years on end to showcase impact stories and initiatives.

Custom Creative & Artwork

While each leverages the United Way brand, campaigns also include handcrafted and custom-created design elements. In 2019-2020, for example, original paintings were made to articulate the mission of United Way and its impact areas.

Messaging & Copy

WORX is a full-service marketing partner of United Way – authoring vast amounts of campaign content, community outreach, and fundraising materials including this 2019-2020 campaign mantra.

Fundraising Advertising

Messages are put in the hands of the community throughout the fundraising season in a variety of ways – from digital media and advertisements to posters and direct mail.

Community Outreach

Despite being a volunteer-based nonprofit with finite resources, a broad and sophisticated outreach plan helps United Way reach people across its service area on a consistent basis.

Customizable Giving Portals

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the ability for United Way to visit workplaces during the campaign season disappeared. In response, WORX created donor giving portals that were customizable for each organization – with video content, company-specific messaging, and full integration with the existing donation software.

Community Leaders

WORXers have contributed a significant amount of personal time and talent to United Way of Greater Waterbury. Managing Member Joe Gugliotti co-chaired the 2010-2011 United Way campaign and is a former chairperson of the Board of Directors. 

Group Founders

In 2017, WORXers Julee Busalacchi and Marysia Walker co-founded the United Way of Greater Waterbury Emerging Leaders affinity group, and spoke about its formation at the United Way Worldwide Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Large Contributors

WORX President Grant Copeland chaired the 2018-2019 campaign with his then 12-year old daughter – raising over $4 million. Grant currently serves on the Board of Directors and Campaign Leadership Council, while also chairing the UPSTARTERS youth leadership program that he founded.


WORX President Grant Copeland founded a youth leadership initiative with United Way, called UPSTARTERS, which now has more than 2,600 young people participating in community impact activities.

Annual Reports

WORX not only places importance on fundraising materials, but also on reporting back to the community. Materials such as the annual report are developed with exhaustive details and immersive stories which showcase impact and outcomes. 

Special Presentations

WORX is relied upon to turn analytics and data points into compelling materials for private donors, corporate supporters, and prospective funding sources. These special presentations grow credibility, solidify retention strategies, and engage new audiences.

Event Planning & Content

WORX has driven the content planning for several watershed events in each campaign season – including the Campaign Kickoff event, workplace visits, the Annual Meeting, and the Community Awards celebration.


Since assuming the role of marketing partner in 2010, WORX has helped United Way of Greater Waterbury raise more than $42 million for the local community.

Annual campaign donations have increased by an average of 21% with WORX leading the branding, content, and communications.

WORX has won more than 20 national design awards for its work with United Way of Greater Waterbury, in multiple marketing categories.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Video Marketing
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Technology
  • Usability
  • Data Analysis
  • Fundraising Campaigns


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