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Cities are businesses, too – and the former Brass Capital of the World was struggling to figure out its "current brand" so that investors would take notice and make inquiries about Waterbury’s commercial properties.


  • WORX research identified preconceived and optical challenges within target audiences – some of whom viewed Waterbury as a less-than-ideal area for their business.
  • A brand narrative would need to be thoughtfully developed that accurately portrayed the positive things happening in the city.
  • A unique marketing communications plan would need to be created to reach prospective investors and out-of-market business leaders in targeted, cost-effective ways.
  • The brand and marketing communications had to avoid the pitfalls that have caused the vast majority of place branding and economic development marketing initiatives across the country to fail.
  • The partnership with the City of Waterbury needed to generate sizable, tangible results – including Grand List growth and investment transactions.


Market Research

Comprehensive research was conducted by WORX over a 12-month period – including community focus groups, online forums, sentiment studies, qualitative insights and quantitative analyses – to determine current perceptions and theming opportunities.

Brand Platform

From the research findings, WORX created an ambitious brand platform – including identity, messaging, photography, videography and asset libraries – aimed at both in-market and out-of-market communications.

Community Partnerships

WORX helped arrange a public-private partnership whereby local business leaders can collaborate with the City, support the initiative, and take an active role in attracting others to Waterbury.

Omnichannel Communications

New communications platforms were created – including a website, social media channels, email marketing, and podcast series.

Digital Marketing

An exhaustive set of digital marketing campaigns were launched across the Google and Microsoft Bing networks, with weekly monitoring and optimizations made by the in-house WORX digital marketing team.

Tracking Technologies

User behavior and lead generation tracking technologies were integrated by WORX, giving the City of Waterbury real-time data on interested businesses.

Digital Technology Tools

WORX custom-built several digital technology tools – including a Commercial Properties searchable system, an interactive Downtown Map, and a Digital Dining Guide.


Since launching the new website in November 2020, nearly 100,000 individual users have visited annually.

The Waterbury Talks podcast series has been downloaded more than 4,000 times, and is ranked in the Top 50% of all podcasts by Buzzsprout.

In the first two years, the Visionary People original content video series had more than 750,000 views on YouTube.

Between 2021-2023, more than 6,500 searches for commercial properties were performed by prospective investors from outside Waterbury.