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The Kennedy Center, Inc. had set an ambitious goal of operating as a dual bottom-line enterprise within the next 5-10 years. By heading in that direction, though, the fear was their revolutionary non-profit would be perceived as abandoning their legacy, and would risk losing their biggest supporters in the process.


  • The Kennedy Center wanted to honor their mission of employing people who have disabilities while becoming fiscally self-sustaining, instead of solely dependent on the State of Connecticut for financial resources.
  • The Kennedy Center name caused significant confusion with local, regional, and governmental audiences because of its similarity to The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.
  • The non-profit organization was founded in 1951 by the mother of a child with special needs and a group of concerned parents As the organization created business enterprises to employ people with disabilities, there was backlash that The Kennedy Center was more focused on revenue-generation than the population it was serving.
  • Despite seven decades as a trailblazer for people with disabilities, The Kennedy Center had low brand awareness and engagement among prospective business partners and donors.
  • The leadership and managerial teams of The Kennedy Center were unsure about how to honor the legacy of past successes, while embarking on a new chapter with an evolved business model.


Research & Forums

WORX performed extensive market research and conducted a series of forums to identify qualitative and quantitative insights related to brand positioning, enterprise goals, and donor sentiment.


The Kennedy Center, Inc. was rebranded as The Kennedy Collective – paying homage to the legacy of founder Evelyn Kennedy, while also showcasing its innovative belief in the power of collective impact.

Brand System

A comprehensive branding system was developed – including a new logo and identity, mission statement, mantra, core values set, messaging architecture, and graphics platform.

Website Development

A new website experience was built from the ground up. Driven by our proprietary Search Query Analysis™, the site features best practice Search Engine Optimization, usability, meta content, page speed performance, and lead generation tools.

Brand Management

WORX developed and led brand workshops for The Kennedy Collective team to get trained on utilizing new assets – including more than 23,000 historical images digitized and restored into a full Digital Asset Management System built by WORX.

Digital Advertising

Leveraging a Google Grant that the agency helped procure, WORX created a series of digital marketing ads which are tested, monitored, and optimized. Digital marketing metrics are surfaced in real-time through a custom-created dashboard.

Content Marketing

An original content series of interactive stories – called Collective Voices – was created by WORX. The content is leveraged across all marketing and community outreach, serving as a central piece in brand-building and fundraising efforts.

Social Media Channels

WORX guided the organization through the process of developing new social media handles and introducing new brand content onto Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels.

UI/UX & Accessibility

As a leader in advanced ADA compliance and web accessibility development, WORX took exhaustive measures to ensure that the website was highly-compliant for users of all ability levels.

Fundraising Marketing

WORX re-engineered The Kennedy Collective fundraising campaign by developing a new theme – Help A Star Shine – and creating a library of assets for multi-audience use.

Event Marketing

WORX has spoken at, and created content for, signature events – using video and other assets to tell the emotional and joyful stories of The Kennedy Collective clients.


At launch, The Kennedy Collective website – containing hundreds of assets – earned a rare 100% accessibility ranking for ADA compliance.

Direct traffic to The Kennedy Collective website increased by 800% after its launch and new brand promotions.

Organic search engine traffic has increased more than 1,000% since the implementation of new digital marketing strategies by WORX.

Pay Per Click digital marketing ads are converting 145% above Google industry benchmarks.