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Custom App Connects Masonicare and Its Residents


In order to empower residents of Masonicare – a large healthcare services provider with senior living communities across Connecticut – WORX developed a custom mobile application that connects individuals to community services without a person needing to have tech savviness.

Inside the Masonicare App


  • Intuitive administration: To facilitate real-time delivery of community-wide information by backend users
  • User-centric design: Developing the app with the age population of Masonicare communities in mind – incorporating UX best practices, how-to tutorials, and a secure passwordless authentication procedure to ensure ease of use and enhanced security
  • Quick interactions: Create an interface that is easy for residents to order meals, make reservations, and request home maintenance
  • Systems integration: Connect the app to enterprise Masonicare systems for reduced reliance on manual management, increased efficiency, and improved service delivery accuracy
  • Data security: Devise a technical approval process to maintain the privacy of residents’ personal information activities while on the app


  • Real-time community calendar: A dynamic calendar feature tailors events to each individual community, and enables residents to save events they wish to attend
  • API-based maintenance ticket integration: The app integrates the Masonicare maintenance ticket management program – allowing residents to submit requests directly through the app, and reducing administrative overhead in the process
  • Streamlined management: A custom backend system for the app connects to features on the Masonicare website and reduces the need to enter data in two places; this system can be used to administer virtually every aspect of the app, from users to content
  • Security and privacy: A fully-managed, passwordless authentication system is implemented to enhancing user convenience without compromising safety
  • Seamless interface: An optimized design and content system was engineered to facilitate easy navigation of the app, ensuring a smooth user experience for residents of varying technical literacy levels


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