Post University

In 2019, Post University turned to WORX with two questions: How can we create a better Orientation experience, and how can we update the University’s Viewbook? The answers provided by WORX sparked college-wide conversations, and is helping push the reimagining of the way Post behaves, collaborates and communicates.


WORX strategists, creatives, developers and in-house photographers & videographers went on an original content-making spree – building an immersive interactive experience brimming with personal stories and clear-cut answers that emboldened incoming students to dive right into life as an Eagle.


WORX custom-created a 40-page explosion with vivid examples for how Post Makes It Personal. The Viewbook was also transformed into Spanish and animated versions, in order to reach the broadest set of prospective students across all print and digital marketing channels.


The Orientation website and Viewbook caught fire, igniting interest from both students and staff alike. So much so, that Post asked WORX to establish a guide for this new brand aesthetic that other agencies and internal marketers could use.


Post then turned to WORX to support its 130 Year Anniversary. The result was a set of communications centered around authentic stories of personalized learning, and the successful journeys of accomplished alumni.

Every marketing piece that WORX creates is like an inspirational work of art. So strategic, innovative, detailed. Not only do they command a lot of attention, they also generate student inquiries. And, I want to line the walls of the campus with them!
Richard Schechter Chief Marketing Officer Post University


Post also approached WORX with an extremely complex task: To galvanize its value system and non-negotiable behaviors into an “internal brand system” that could align several thousand Associates. The result was CARE – an acronym for how the University Connects, Assesses, Resolves and Excites in bold, disruptive and fun ways.


Then, the pandemic hit, and threw a major monkey wrench into Post’s ability to deliver a personal campus experience. Or did it? WORX collaborated with the Dean of Students, Vice President of Student Experience, Chief Information & Technology Officer and several others to dream up the Virtual Campus – a gamified, augmented reality where memorable social experiences could still be had. All strategy, content, design and development was done in-house at WORX.


Today, WORX serves as a lead strategic and creative agency whose primary responsibility is to woo prospective students, and to define paths for Post to significantly expand its higher education mission.