Crystal Rock

WORX has been a key business partner and marketing agency for Crystal Rock since 2010 – helping the century-young business define and deliver its stable of top water, coffee and office supply brands.


When Crystal Rock approached WORX in 2010, it was already the largest water and coffee distributor of its kind in the country. To expand their coffee service, Crystal Rock had just purchased the Cool Beans Coffee name – and was readying the brand for launch. Over several cups of great tasting joe, WORX outlined the potential for the coffee brand to be bigger than what Crystal Rock had envisioned.


Prior to Crystal Rock having an internal marketing department, WORX served as the full-service agency. Once Crystal Rock added content and creative resources, WORX stayed on as a “colleague” and special initiative agency. Throughout the years, WORX has remained a strategic, technical and creative lead on hundreds of projects – the role varying based on the needs of the Crystal Rock sales and marketing teams.


When dreaming up any lead generation or marketing initiative, Crystal Rock and WORX spend significant time on aligning the logistics first – the operations, customer service, technology, sales and marketing teams. By mapping out the business plan – and giving team members clear direction – the integrated marketing campaigns yield consistently high results.


Little Things Matter. It was originally written as a statement in a brochure announcing the Crystal Rock rebranding to customers. When the Director of Sales and Marketing saw it, he said, “That’s it! THAT’S IT! That’s the whole reason we exist.” The statement became a tagline, and the tagline has become the embodiment of the differentiating qualities for Crystal Rock. Outside of the people and products themselves, the Little Things Matter motto is the single most important asset Crystal Rock has.



  • Increased company revenues to peak of $74 million
  • WORX Search Engine Marketing campaigns are the highest-producing source of water leads in the company
  • Water delivery service website paid for itself in 48 days
  • Work featured on Brand New blog for best rebrands in the world, 2013
  • 11 national design awards from Graphic Design USA
  • Company sold to Cott Corporation in 2018