Becky Durant


Becky can translate complex tech talk into everyday language that you can understand. And, she can develop or integrate digital systems to generate marketing results.

A Digital Architect

Becky has nearly two decades of experience architecting, designing and developing large-scale web applications. Recently, she served as lead developer and manager of a complex communications portal for a nationwide network of veterinary hospitals – a platform which automated marketing functions for each hospital and saved the group millions in labor costs.

A true Renaissance woman, Becky spent several years early in her career managing photographers and running a stock photography company.

Becky was the lead developer for the first Mini Cooper accessories website – an initiative that helped give the brand international credibility.

Tech guru by day... aaand... tech guru by night, Becky recently restored her first personal computer.


  • Becky worx closely with client partners to guide the functionality of their digital and online applications.
  • She often expands base technology platforms with design and development of customized website plugins and modules to make website administration and content management more efficient.
  • On the side, Durant is a member of a group that reads and reviews thriller or mystery novels prior to their release.
  • Becky has worked with family members for many years rehabilitating and homing feral kittens.
  • Durant earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Applications Development and Computer Animation from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst, MA).
  • Becky resides in Portland, CT, with her husband, son, turtle and four cats (Go ahead, insert your favorite "cat lady" joke here).