Becky Durant

Director of Digital

Project Management

Becky will translate complex tech talk into everyday language that you can understand. And, she can develop things to make your digital life easier.

Little Known Facts


A true Renaissance woman, Becky spent several years early in her career managing photographers and running a stock photography company.


Nearly two decades experience in architecting, designing and developing large scale web applications – with a specialty in ecommerce and healthcare.


A diverse tech guru, she served as the lead developer for the first Mini Cooper accessories website and recently restored her first personal computer.


  • Becky worx closely with client partners to guide strategic initiatives that make your digital and online applications engage more with customers.
  • Often expands base technology platforms with design and development of customized website plugins and modules to make website administation and content management more efficient.
  • On the side, is a member of a group that reads and reviews thriller or mystery novels prior to their release.
  • Has worked with family members for many years rehabilitating and homing feral kittens.
  • Earned a Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration with a Bachelor of Science in Internet Applications Development and Computer Animation from the University of Massachusetts.
  • Becky resides in Portland, CT, with her husband, son, turtle, and four cats (Go ahead, insert your favorite "cat lady" joke here).


Short films on WORX perspectives by the WORXers themselves.

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