WORX Agency Culture

People who come to WORX note the palpable energy – a vibe of smarts and sincerity that drives successful thinking. See some of what’s inside the orange walls, what makes WORX a tightly-knit family, and why the agency is one of the Best Places to Work in Connecticut:

Community Volunteerism

The rigors of a career in marketing pale in comparison to the challenges many friends and neighbors experience every day. WORX has long been a committed partner to the community – giving time, energy and resources to a multitude of local organizations including the United Way, Special Olympics, Palace Theater and YMCA.

TEAMWORX Fun Committee

TEAMWORX is an employee-led “fun committee” whose sole function is to make WORX as enjoyable an agency for colleagues and client partners as is allowed by common law. On a quarterly basis, the committee brings ideas to the forefront that get implemented into the WORX experience.

Weekly Friday Lunches

TGIF takes on a whole new meaning here. Each Friday, WORXers are rewarded with a team picnic. Some weeks, it's burgers and dogs. Others, eggplant rollatini and those unbelievable three cheese sacchettini thingies. (OMG, they're amazing) And, client partners are always welcome!

The Clarity Café

A full-on coffee bar inside the office? Yes, please. With espresso and, um, "after hours” beverages?? Even better. The Clarity Café features Cool Beans Coffee and Crystal Rock Water, two brands developed by WORX. Come on in, choose your juice, and whalahh – clarity!

My WORX Week Blog

A brainchild of the TEAM WORX employee committee, the My WORX Week Intern Blog lets the young but mighty millenials of WORX share their experiences. Honest – and sometimes too honest – My WORX Week gives you a peak into the sights, sounds and smells of the generation who will someday rule this fine earth.

Visit the My WORX Week Blog