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WORX-Built Gamified Learning Tool Becomes Fun Agency Event


During the pandemic, the in-house WORX technology team was asked by one of the largest global biopharmaceutical companies to create something that could connect its physicians around the world and increase their depth of learning. WORX responded by custom-building a virtual Escape Room – and later, turned the tool on ourselves as an agency-wide team-building game.

The original Escape Room experience expedited learning and increased knowledge retention for the pharmaceutical company’s Medical Science Liaisons. A technologically-advanced platform built from the ground up by WORX, the team-based interactive experience features games-within-games, 3D environments, real-time data synchronization between team members, and a scoring logic with leaderboard display.

The technical functionality and gamified tools can be modified and connected differently for each topic or audience, and the in-house WORX technology team offers complete support – even serving as virtual proctors when Escape Rooms are run online, and on-site administrators when they are run at medical conferences. In the former scenario, several Escape Rooms have brought healthcare professionals from nearly 30 countries together at once.

The gamified logic created by WORX is also being utilized by other agency client partners – including those in other industries beyond healthcare – to connect their audiences in a new, innovative, and completely customizable way.


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