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Videos for Thomaston Savings Bank Pay Dividends


In a saturated and competitive marketplace, Thomaston Savings Bank has leveraged video content as a way to differentiate itself while reinforcing its commitment to the community.

Variety, Distribution Planning Influences Bank Growth

Thomaston Savings Bank and WORX have been partners for nearly a decade. By producing a variety of smartly-strategized videos, distributing across the Bank’s marketing channels, and using digital marketing to put the videos in front of customers, WORX has been influential in building brand awareness and increasing lead generation for this community resource that was named the #1 Bank in the U.S.A. by Forbes in 2019.

Television & Digital Commercial

Built on brand positioning by WORX, this broadcast and streaming spot underscores the importance of being a business that helps individuals and families stay strong throughout their lives.

Customer Spotlight Video

From the Powered By Thomaston Savings Bank video story series, go inside Cheshire's Viron Rondo Osteria and see one of the most impressive dining experiences in the state of Connecticut.

Employee Recruitment Video

In one of the many multi-purpose pieces produced by the WORX in-house team, this video helps prospective employees understand the Bank’s culture and work environment from the viewpoint of actual team members.

Foundation Video

One of several event videos which have helped partners and the public gain a better understanding of the Bank Foundation’s role and its impact in the local community.


Visit the WORX channel on YouTube to see examples of how client partners are using video to generate brand interest and customer leads.