Brand Guidelines & Training

A brand is only as strong as its ambassadors. Make sure you train yours well.

In the din of getting your brand developed and launched to the market, it's easy to forget training your sales, marketing and operations teams on how to make the brand succeed. Not training your employees, or your vendors, or your customers, on the brand is like asking your soldiers to go battle without knowing the plan – and without having any real weapons. WORX brand training teaches your employees about the role they play in the growth of the brand, and gives them tangible ways the brand can make their life easier – helping them sell more, stress less and get more stuff done.


  • Brand Strategy Guidelines
  • Brand Usage Guidelines
  • Brand Training Sessions
  • Employee Brand Workshops
  • Employee Brand Communications
  • Brand Collateral Tools
  • Brand Management Procedures

Short films on WORX perspectives by the WORXers themselves.

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